Saade Vol.2

2011-11-30 @ 11:21:20
Amazing Saade Vol.2 is out on Spotify!!!!:O But "Without You I'm Nothing" which until 2012 only available on the album (CD) and holding the signed album in my hand:) Can not believe it has gone so fast and I have the CD home now:D Seriously! new songs are killing me! Damn good hits, he has succeeded again! He has outdone himself, he is tagen over the world!:D Thank you for your wonderful music...I love it!♥♥ Beautiful♥ amazing voice...just perfect! Wonderful songs Saade Vol.2 is awesome! makes me smile:) explosive Love<3 will play the songs to pieces:O Big Love ♥

"Without You I'm Nothing" Wonderful text! I get goose bumps how amazingly beautiful it is, just love it <3 Thank you for your wonderful fine words I'm Nothing Without You<3

So Damn Crazy Beautiful!:) you light up my day! I got "Hotter than fire" on my mind, So turn the volume up! SAADE VOL.2

Saade Vol.2
1.Sky Falls Down
2.Rocket Science
3.Hotter Than Fire
4.Love Is Calling
5.Crashed On The Dance Floor
6.Explosive Love
8.Feel Alive
10.Without You I'm Nothing

Eric Saade - Rocket science live at Nyhetsmorgon
Eric always writes the morning tired he is but he is even better looking in the morning:) Damn!


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